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Graphic Design &

Website Development and Hosting

Our highly skilled graphic design team focuses on creating and designing art and websites that is specific to your brand and appealing to your target market.  We understand that every person and business is different and we work hard to customize each of our products and services to you.

Graphic Design

Simple logo creation* - $99

Standard logo creation* - $199

Premium logo creation* - $259

A-la-carte design creation* - $59/hr.

*Custom design quotes are available*

*A simple logo consists of a company name  and a 1 color basic clip-art design. *A standard logo consists of a company name and a 2-3 color clip-art or custom art design.*A premium logo consists of a company name and a 3-5 color complex custom art design. *A-la-carte designs are available for advertising and promotional products.

Web development

1 page landing site - $199

2-5 page standard website - $299

 6-10 page or animated site- $459

A-la-carte site additions - $50

Web hosting

Domain Registration - $29/year

10GB Site Storage & Back-up - $9.99/year

Custom Company Email Acct - $19/year



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phone: 803.265.2324

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